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Most people are not aware of the history that surrounds them as they pass through one of the busiest freeways in the world. Hundreds of thousands of cars go though the Hutchinson Parkway each day unaware of a great people, a great struggle, and a vanquishing of a great people's not that long ago.

When modern day people (us) think of the American Indians, we think of the Wild West and great battle fought amongst The Great Buffalo and the Red Rock West, and Grand Canyon. We watch movies, read books, and listen to people talk about these times as if they were so, so long ago. Well, they weren't really that long ago. Take about five to six family generations and you aren't that far away. Someone's great grandfather probably has a great grandfather that he remembers telling a story of his great grandfather who wasn't that far from what happened.

The Native American Indians have been in this area of the North East for a very long time. There was the Mohawk, Susquehannock, Seneca, Mohegan, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, and too many to mention right now but... including the Siwanoy Indians. Yes, the Siwanoy Indians and thus a Siwanoy website.

These great people lived in what is now the New York Metroplitan area or as some say, the New York Metro area. There is a very interesting, great, violent, and then sad history of these people (The Siwanoy). And so we must not forget the people who lived here before us. We shouldn't forget The Siwanoy people.


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